About Us

Our Brief History

Hort Horizon was founded by in 2016 by a vibrant trio eager to bring versatility, innovation and stability to the agriculture sector. We were inspired to dream big by the advent of technological advancements such as apps and usage of drones, improved seed varieties,innovative cultivation and storage methods. Determined to prove that agriculture is a lucrative business industry with untapped potential not only to feed the nation and create jobs but to nature fresh new innovative ideas in production and along the value chain.


Hort  Horizon promotes, produces and supply horticulture produce. We offer technical assistance to farmers from field preparation to marketing. Our goal is to assist the farmers produce large quantities of high quality produce through good agriculture practices to reduce post-harvest and pre-harvest losses. We are all year producers of Oyster mushroom and a large variety of Herbs as well as seasonal produce such as Peas, Pepper, Lettuce, Onions, Egg plant, Ginger and round nuts. Hort Horizon through it’s subsidiary Quick Fresh buys the best quality produce directly from the farmers and delivers to your door step.

Meet Our Team

Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients starts with our team of smart, capable PR experts. As unique as we are individually, we share a mutual passion for technology and doing excellent work for our clients and partners. We pride ourselves on our strategic, integrated approach to public relations and the results it delivers.

Get to know your Hort Horizon team below.

Rumbidzai Mbambo

Productions director


+263 774 035 728

Ashley Musafare

Marketing director


+263 777 837 639

Yvonne Kazingizi

Finance director


+263 776 030 816

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