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What We Do

Hort Horizon Supplies Fresh Button Mushroom products White Button Mushroom,Chestnut Brown, Portabella.

Chestnut Mushroom

Chesnut brown /portabellini have a firmer texture than white mushrooms, is slightly stronger with a nuttier flavour.

White Button Mushroom

White mushrooms are a healthy food option and contains no fat. It is an excellent replacement for vegetarians and people with specific dietary needs. White mushrooms are very versatile and can be added to almost any meal or enjoyed on its own, raw or cooked. It adds taste and enhances flavour .

Portabella Mushroom

Portabella Mushroom also known as Braai Mushroom, are the largest available mushrooms in size and is an excellent alternative to meat. They are rich in fibre,
proteins, minerals and vitamin. It can be cooked, grilled or barbecued.